Kids Sports Grant

The Cat Cares Society, in conjunction with The Cat & Fiddle Pub, and PoCo Brothers Brewing, are pleased to announce the founding of a sports grant for the Community of Port Coquitlam.

This grant is funded via proceeds from the sale of PoCo Brothers Brewing BLUEBERRY RADLER sold at the Cat & Fiddle between April 17 – June 30 2023.

TO QUALIFY: Children must be between ages 5-18, live AND play sports in Port Coquitlam, and have a demonstrable financial need or situation.

The Cat Cares Society reserves the right to vet, approve or deny these grants.

How YOU can help:

If you are an adult over 19 years of age, it’s easy to help! Raise a glass of PoCo Brothers Brewing BLUEBERRY RADLER between April 17-June 30 2023, and proceeds from every sale will go towards this grant!

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